Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The ridiculous Instagram post that may give away Kim Kardashian’s baby name.

Not to alarm the Internet, but we, the combined genius minds at Mamamia HQ, have figured out the name of Kim Kardashian’s daughter, and it’s all got to do with her latest Instagram post.

Yes, the very, ambiguous close up of the Louis Vuitton monogram print has set the internet into a bit of a tizzy.

While, the idea of a ‘push’ present was raised (the gift new mum’s get after giving birth), but then we thought…. hmmmm, maybe this is a clue from the mothership (pun intended).

Here’s what her name might be… Bag West (original), Louise West (because it’s been confirmed that she’s a girl) Louis West (because gender is a social construct), Lou West, LV West, Elvee West, Elf West (?), Lulu West (cute), Louvre/Lurve/ Love West (grasping at straws).

And some more on the short list… Love West, Paris West, China West or perhaps its a sign that Nicholas Ghesquière, the creative director behind Louis Vuitton, was the person enlisted blessed with determining the name of the third Kardashian / West child.

A tried and true method.

2. Congratulations… we think: Michelle Williams may or may not be engaged.

Image: Getty.

Not to be premature or anything, but Michelle Williams might be engaged. Or not.

'Multiple sources' have 'confirmed' to US Weekly that the All the Money in the World actress is engaged to New York financier Andrew Youmans.

"She wants a good guy and a stable family life," an 'insider' said.

And that's... that's all we've got.

But we have our fingers crossed this happy news is true, as it comes 10 years since the death of her late-husband, Health Ledger.

If this is true, there's a good chance Michelle will not be telling him/her any secrets ever again, because announcing someone else's engagement before they do is paramount to stealing someone's lunch out of the office fridge.


It's just plain rude.

3. Barack Obama's birthday gift for Michelle (and her words about it) will make your Thursday.

A post shared by Michelle Obama (@michelleobama) on

Life hack: Whenever you feel like true love is dead, like matrimony sounds anything but holy, Google 'Barack and Michelle gazing at each other'. Because that, right there, is what all those songs/movies/poems have been banging on about.

The former (*sigh*) First Lady's Instagram is a good source for wedded bliss, too. Just this morning, the 54-year-old shared an image of the birthday present that her husband of 26 years had delivered to her desk.


"Thank you Barack Obama for the beautiful flowers waiting for me in the office this morning," she wrote. "You’re my best friend, biggest fan, and getting notes and flowers from you will never get old."

The future President (right? RIGHT?) also thanked her other well-wishers who posted cards and sent notes via social media: "I know birthdays can sometimes be bittersweet (54!), but your messages of hope, generosity, and warmth have always reminded me how lucky and blessed we are."


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4. Calling all Home and Away fans: This photo will melt your drama-filled hearts.

Kate Richie is now one third of one of our favourite radio teams - Kate, Tim & Marty - but to many of us, she'll always be Summer Bay girl, Sally Fletcher.

Which is why we could literally feel the warm fuzzies rushing in when we scrolled the 39-year-old's Instagram feed, to find that a beautiful reunion had taken place.

Ritchie shared a snap of her having dinner with her former Home and Away castmate Ray Meagher, aka the galah burning Alf Stewart.


The actress spent 20 years on the show, and along with Meagher is one of the longest serving cast members - so it's no wonder the two keep in contact. Still, it's nice to know our favourite Summer Bay residents remain such good friends.

5. Okay, sure. Apparently this watery theory proves The Bachelor's Megan Marx and Jake Ellis are dating.

Who doesn't love a good ole watered down theory? One so thin, so full of nothingness, it almost ceases to exist and couldn't possibly be true.

Yeah, us too.

Lucky for us, a shiny new ridiculous Bachelor couple theory has hit The Internet for our entertainment, and it's got everything to do with Megan Marx from Richie's season, and Georgia Love's off cut, Jake Ellis.


So the theory goes that the two were spotted in the same - wait for it - state. At the same time.


Witness the evidence below. Two Instagram photos taken at Gold Coast beaches, within a small time frame.


Just chillin’ in my new @siennaalexanderlondon sunnies????????

A post shared by Megan Marx ???????????? (@megan.leto.marx) on

If you squint hard enough, it kind of doesn't at all look like they could be sitting next to each other at the same beach.

Not even a little bit. But that's why it's a watery theory.

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