Kim Kardashian confesses the pitfalls of social media in eerie never-before-seen interview.

US TV network CBS is set to air an eerie interview with Kim Kardashian West just weeks after masked, armed men entered her Paris apartment and held her at gunpoint stealing millions of dollars worth of jewellery.

60 Minutes special, dedicated to the rise of social media influencers, sees Kardashian West candidly discuss the impact social media has had on her career.

The interview, filmed before the heist, has an uncanny sense of foreboding about it, with Kardashian West touching on the power of social media and how it impinges on both her privacy and ability to lead a normal life.

“There are pitfalls,” she tells Bill Whitaker in a promo for the special — released on Kardashian West’s 36th birthday.

“There’s a lack of privacy and loss of privacy and that’s not for everyone,” she says.

“For me, I can handle it.”

The admission was made just weeks before five masked intruders barged into her luxury Paris hotel, detained the concierge, then bound her, gagged her and stole up to $14 million worth of mobile phones and jewellery. Since the ordeal, Kardashian-West has been noticeably absent from social media, leaving her accounts untouched since October 3rd.

Despite acknowledging the downsides of living her life through a lens, Kardashian West also tells Whitaker that social media is also one of the underlying threads of her success.

“Let me put it this way, I totally attribute my career to social media.”

When probed by Whitaker as to the kind of talent she has, and why she has the following she does, Kardashian West doesn’t mince her words.

“It is a talent to have a brand that’s really successful from getting people to like you as you,” she  says.

“I would think that has to involve some kind of talent.”

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