Why Kim's honeymoon has riled up the parenting police.

Isn’t the point of a honeymoon meant to be that it’s, you know, romantic?

Kim and Kanye got married. If you don’t know this information yet, you need to tell me your secret.

Right now they are honeymooning in Ireland for a week in a luxury castle estate surrounded by rolling green hills. While the news of the wedding is slowly being bumped out of headlines (except for whenever they release an official photo), the world is turning their attention to the details of their honeymoon.

North West at the KimYeWedding.


No baby.

No North West.

So...where's Nori?

Nori's rumoured to be staying with grandma (a.k.a. Kris Jenner) and probably a gaggle of nannies too. Paparazzi spotted Kris and North West flying back to LA from Venice after the wedding, and that's got some people riled up.

Like the people at The Stir, who wrote this:

One thing they didn't want was the squall of a baby disrupting their together time as husband and wife. That was evident by the fact that North West was sent off with grandma Kris Jenner.

Are you beginning to get the feeling they are hardly ever with Nori? How much time could they have possibly spent with her over the past week of wedding festivities? And then there were all the trips they made to Paris for planning and dress shopping, etc., all sans Nori.

Not to mention this is like their third or fourth trip abroad without Nori -- and she was only born last year! Most new moms I know can barely bring themselves to take one night out with the girls when there's a new baby. It's like they've got some kind of invisible cable between their womb and baby.

Ouch. Hopefully Kim (who has now officially changed her name to Kim Kardashian West, at least in social media land) isn't spending her honeymoon scouring her Google Alerts. 

After all, North isn't the only famous bub left at home. Prince William and Kate went on an adults-only holiday in March this year leaving 7-month old George with Kate's mum. The royal couple also got a little judged by the press, saying that it was too soon for George to be without Mum.

So...when is a baby old enough to be left at home while Mum and Dad enjoy a holiday?

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Relax. Even Kate and Wills miss the odd parenting milestone.

Is it normal that… I want to go on holiday without my family?