Fans have noticed something disturbing about Kim and Kanye's Easter family photos.

If you didn’t Instagram your family Easter celebrations, did they really happen?

That’s the approach Kim and Kanye seemed to take when they shared a whole bunch of adorable family snaps over the weekend.

The couple posed with their adorable kids, North and Saint, in a variety of snaps.

It even appears that, at some point, Kanye dressed up like the Easter bunny in a costume we can only assume was designed by Yeezy himself.


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But rather than bask in the headline-making loveliness that is the Kardashian-West family, fans instead zoned in on something quite unusual and frankly SUPER DISTURBING about the snaps.

Like the fact that these pictures may never have really happened at all.


See, a number of people are quite convinced that Kim’s Insta snaps are the work of black magic. Or, you know, Photoshop.

Comments and tweets responding to the images range from general musings about whether or not Kim and Kanye were actually together when the snaps were taken, to the downright bizarre.

Yes, there were even theories that Kanye had been kidnapped or was being mind-controlled by the entire Kardashian family.


“This is obviously photoshopped and the real Kanye got kidnapped, the majority is too stupid to realise that,” one fan wrote.

“Super fake! Why you photoshop Kanye like that? Where’s he?” said another.

Others believe the fact Kanye wasn’t holding or touching either of his children in the family snap is clear evidence he wasn’t actually present for the photo.

Easter 2017

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Other believed the man pictured was actually a very good Kanye lookalike.

Look, it’s clear what the real problem is. The world has clearly had too many Easter eggs and is still stuck in a sugar high.

We all just need to calm down and eat some kale, and you know, focus on other things besides the reality of Kim’s family pics.

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