An Aussie icon has become extinct in the battle against obesity. Sob.

The new treat sized Killer Pythons

It’s a sad, sad day for lolly-lovers, folks. You might want to take a seat for this one.

Confectionary giant Nestlé has put the Killer Python on the chopping block and killed off a national treasure.

Nestlé today revealed the new treat-sized Killer Python, which weighs in at 24g and 336kj, compared to the original 47g, 630kj version Australians have come to know and love.

“The move is part of Nestlé’s efforts to help Australians better manage their health, by controlling the amount of food, especially treats, they eat.” Nestlé said in a press release.

Admirable, indeed. But is it Team Australia?

As Business Insider Australia pointed out, we’re a country defined by big things. The Big Banana, The Big Prawn, The Big Rocking Horse, to name a few. To take away our giant things just screws with our national identity.

And apparently, the Killer Python is only the first victim in the brand’s new healthy eating initiative, according to General Manager Martin Brown. It might be time to start stockpiling the Milo just incase that’s next to go.

Killer Python fans have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express their disappointment describing the news as “un-Australian” and claiming the lolly is the latest animal to be declared extinct.

It seems the Killer Python is not so killer anymore. Now it’s just a regular ol’ multicoloured snake.

Scroll through the gallery to see some of the backlash Nestlé is receiving on social media…

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What do you think? Are you sad to see the Killer Python go?