Why should Kieren Jack's mum just suck it up? Mums can be hurt too.

It’s a public family feud that is turning out to be a potent mix of Greek tragedy and tabloid fodder.

The Jack family have sport, grit and winning in their blood. Son Kieren Jack is the Sydney Swans co-captain and due to play his 200th match this weekend. His father, Garry, is a former “rugby league great” playing for NSW in the State of Origin, the Balmain Tigers and representing Australia.

According to the Daily Telegraph  Kieren Jack doesn’t want his parents to attend his milestone 200th game. There have probably been whispers but they primarily know this because his mum, Donna, sent a tweet to her son and the whole, entire universe.

Apparently Donna and Garry Jack don't "approve" of 29-year-old Kieren's girlfriend, Charlotte Goodlet, a Channel Nine producer. The Daily Mail report that Miss Goodlet has not commented on the row. Adding to the family rift are Donna and Garry's other two sons: Brandon and Rhys. Brandon, Kieren's younger brother, also plays for the club and has sided with his brother saying Kieren and Charlotte are two of the "most loving people" he knows. The Daily Mail reports that Brandon asked his dad, Garry, to leave club's Reserve's changing rooms earlier this year.

Rhys, on the other hand, supports his mum and dad, responding to the attention with a tweet that publicly declares his allegiance to his parents saying he supports them to the "end of the earth". Garry has also tweeted that he supports his wife.

It's uncomfortable to watch. It's not funny, or an 'OMG what are they doing and saying to each other so publicly' moment. It's just terribly, terribly sad.

This is a family. Who, no doubt, love each other but everything has just become so messy.

Who knows the why or the what? All we have are some tweets written while hurt. From a mum while hurt.

My initial reaction was, "Why would she do that? Surely it's best to let these things go or have a private word when everyone is calm".

I've read and seen enough to know that young men become attached to the woman they love and inevitably move away from their mums. They now have another significant female in their life, someone they lean on for the emotional support their mums once gave. Most mums of boys, at some stage, have to reconcile this emotional development with their ever changing role.

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Mum's can get hurt and they can make mistakes while hurt. Just like everybody. But for some reason we always expect a mother's behaviour to resemble a placid, warm lake. Always there, still and deep, she's nothing but rays of sunshine and comfort. She doesn't bite. Her children come before her - always. Her family comes before her - always. And she suffers the blows with quiet dignity. She swallows her hurt and moves on.

So many people have sent texts or tweets or put up Facebook and Instagram posts and regretted them very quickly.

Maybe the Jack family situation is nothing more than some misplaced tweets sent in anger. Maybe it is something more. No-one knows the full story but the Jack family and Charlotte Goodlet.

And maybe, one day, they can all sit around a table as a family and laugh at this very emotionally messy week - together.

Kieren Jack and Charlotte Goodlet's relationship on Instagram.