Kieren Jack's mum has a vastly different relationship with her other son's girlfriend.

Forget the Kardashians, this week we’re struggling to keep up with the Jacks.

The family has dominated news headlines for their very public feud, which stems from the mother of AFL Sydney Swans co-captian Kieren Jack, Donna Jack, having a strong distaste for her 29-year-old son’s girlfriend, Charlotte Goodlet. The 12-month-long tensions surfaced this week after Kieren’s parents were not given free tickets to his 200th AFL game.

What followed was a slew of pointed tweets from Donna, husband Garry and middle brother Rhys, as well as a particularly inflammatory interview with the Daily Telegraph on dad’s part. Soon after, little brother Brandon (also a Swans recruit) sided with Kieren and Charlotte, saying they are the ‘two most loving people I know’. Murmurings of “appalling texts” sent from Donna to Charlotte added fuel to the already blazing fire.

Donna and Garry Jack (left); Kieren Jack and Charlotte Goodlet (right)

On Wednesday, the Swans midfielder in the middle of it all was forced to front the insatiable press to emphatically defend his girlfriend. Since, celebrities such as Ryan Fitzgerald and Ben Fordham have berated the family, the latter saying that Channel Nine news producer Charlotte is a “superstar…a class act" who "she deserves some respect".

It's all very dramatic and messy. And now, news of Donna's close relationship with Rhys' girlfriend, Here Come the Habibs actress Kat Hoyos, has pushed the wedge further between the fractured family.

Kat Hoyos and dad Garry (Image via Facebook)

Unlike Charlotte, a former finalist for Miss Universe Australia, the Daily Mail reports that Kat is "showered with praise from her would-be in-laws" with whom she has a "rosy" relationship. In between attending NRL games with her partner's dad Garry, Kat's mother was also invited to share a Mother's Day meal with Donna. On the day, Rhys gushed over the pair on Instagram, describing the pair as "great mums".

Rhys with Kat's mum and mum Donna (Image: Instagram)

While Kat is in the good books, entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Radio PR that similar issues plagued youngest brother Brandon and his last girlfriend. "I might add (Donna) didn't like Kieren's last girlfriend either, so there seems to be a recurring theme here. She needs to take a good hard look at herself."

In the wake of the scandal Donna and Rhys have made their Twitter and Instagram accounts private. Charlotte is yet to publicly comment on the feud.

Watch a snippet of Kieren Jack's press conference below.

Video via AFL

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