Kieren Jack's family take a new swipe at his girlfriend Charlotte Goodlet.

The bitter family feud between Kieren Jack’s parents and his girlfriend, Charlotte Goodlet, is still burning after his family allegedly called her a gold digger.

In an exclusive column in The Age, it’s reported that the Jack family don’t think Goodlet is enough for their son.

“So why is Goodlet being blamed by the family and skewered by sections of the media?,” the paper wrote. “The family think she is not good enough for her son; that she’s a gold digger.”

As the writer points out, Goodlet couldn’t be anything else, establishing a very successful career of her own.

She was previously a Miss Universe contender representing Australia and now she works hard as a TV producer, with Nine News Sydney.

“She is low key and low drama. Most people in the Nine newsroom wouldn’t have known who her boyfriend was. Until this week.”

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Despite the public only learning about the family’s personal issues this week, it is reported that the Sydney Swans have long been trying to deal with it.

“The Swans have been aware of the feud for a long time. This column has learnt it was a problem the Swans tried to solve by bringing the parties together because they feared it would spill over into what it has become: an ugly and very public rift.”

It first became public knowledge when Jack’s mother tweeted that she had been purposefully left out of receiving tickets for her son’s 200th game.

Instead, Goodlet and her two parents were there to support Jack and watch him lead his team to the win.

She was brought to tears when Jack scored the very first goal of the games, as her parents held onto their daughter.

You can watch the emotional moment here: 

Video via AFL

We’re standing with you, Charlotte.

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