Kieren Jack's father reveals feud over son's girlfriend has been festering for months.

It turns out the feud between Sydney Swans co-captain Kieren Jack and his parents has been brewing for a while.

When Jack invited his girlfriend’s parents along to his milestone 200th AFL match, it seems unlikely he anticipated the fissure he’d cause in his own family.

The fallout began when his mother, Donna, tweeted her disappointment, “no appreciation for all the yrs (sic) helping you get there,” she wrote of his apparent thoughtlessness.

Jack’s father Garry, a rugby league legend, has now weighed in, saying the choice has devastated the family, despite being only the latest slight in an ongoing feud.

“We have been trying to fix this and sort it out for more than 12 months,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“We have been aware of the problem but is has fallen on deaf ears. They are your kids and they can do what they want but, as parents, it hurts. It hurts us as a family, it cuts to your heart, it really does.”

Kieren Jack and Charlotte Goodlet. Source: Instagram

It's believed the source of the feud is Kieren's long term girlfriend, Channel Nine producer Charlotte Goodlet and, according to friends of the family, his parents have given him an us or her-style ultimatum.

Kieren Jack and Charlotte Goodlet's relationship on Instagram (post continues after video):

"I support Donna 100 per cent and support what she said. We have been trying to fix it and resolve it for a long time," Garry said.

Asked could the growing rift could be fixed, he said: "I don’t know. I wish I could say more but I am guarded."

Garry also confirmed the tickets were the hair that broke that back of an already strained relationship with their son.

"What brought it to a head was that this was Kieren’s 200th game on Friday and we said to the Swans that we would like to go to the game," he said.

"The Swans said they would call us on Monday and I was informed by (welfare boss) Dennis Carroll at the Swans that Kieren had given the tickets to Charlotte’s parents. That’s what brought it to a head."

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