Kieren Jack tried to impress girlfriend Charlotte Goodlet's parents when it all backfired.

The latest twist to come out of the Kieren Jack saga is an explanation behind why the tickets to his 200th game went to girlfriend Charlotte Goodlet’s parents.

A source told Woman’s Day the choice was simply an attempt to impress the Goodlet family.

“Donna (Jack’s mum) made a remark to (Charlotte’s mum) Meredith at the game, accusing her of taking the free accommodation,” the source said.

“Poor Kieren was just trying to impress the parents of his new girlfriend, but it backfired.”

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The source also told the magazine Jack’s parents had always been fond of the girl and the two families had even dined together.

“I think Donna wanted Charlotte to be her best friend – she was always calling and texting her, she really liked her,” the source said.

“Charlotte’s parents even had dinner with Kieren’s. Everyone was getting along.”

The magazine reported the calm soon led to a storm after Donna became increasingly jealous with how much time her son spent with the Goodlets.

The storm then boiled over into a public feud after Donna publicly berated her son on social media for the giving away the tickets.

Source: Twitter.

The feud only intensified after Donna and father Garry went through mainstream media channels to air their grievances.

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