Sydney Swans captain Kieren Jack's parents say they haven't been invited to his Grand Final.

Following their highly-publicised family feud earlier this year, the parents of Sydney Swans co-captain Kieren Jack have said they have not been invited to their son’s grand final game on Saturday.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, Garry Jack said he and wife Donna have not been contacted by his 29-year-old son or anyone from the Sydney Swans team ahead of the Melbourne match.

Sydney Swans co-captain Kieren Jack with girlfriend Charlotte Goodlet. Source: Instagram. 

Traditionally, the parents and partners of players receive tickets to the grand final, but it is believed the tickets reserved for Garry and Donna will be used by Jack's girlfriend's parents.

“At this stage no contact has been made from anyone at the Swans club and as a result no one from the family will be attending the game,” Garry said.

Charlotte and Kieren; Donna and Garry. Source: Instagram. 

The family's long-running feud made its way into the headlines in July when Donna took to social media to share her disappointment at not being invited to her son's 200th AFL game. Garry then spoke to the media directly shortly thereafter, worsening the situation.

During this time it was revealed that the reason for the stalemate was Jack's girlfriend, Channel 9 producer Charlotte Goodlet - who Garry and Donna are said to disapprove of.

“In response to ongoing questions, we want to wish our son Kieren every success in this important game and do not want to add any unnecessary attention to the club’s preparations," Garry continued, adding, “As we have stated from the very beginning, today and always, the door of our home remains open to all of our sons, and we fully accept the decisions that they make in their lives unconditionally."

Garry and Donna's youngest son Brandon (who is also not on speaking term with his parents) will also be at the game on the bench as a reserves player for the Sydney Swans.

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