“It is unfortunate and disappointing." Sad twist to Kieren Jack and Charlotte Goodlet's wedding.

Sydney Swans star Kieren Jack and journalist Charlotte Goodlet were surrounded by family and friends when they wed in the Blue Mountains on Friday.

But there were three people missing from the guest list: Keiren’s parents Garry and Donna Jack, and his older brother Rhys.


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Mr & Mrs ???? #pairofjacks #bestdayever

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The 31-year-old’s parents confirmed they hadn’t been invited to the Daily Telegraph on Sunday, saying: “We would like to wish Kieren and Charlotte all the best on their special day.

“It is unfortunate and disappointing that we were not in attendance of our son’s wedding, but sadly none of the family made the invite list. Nonetheless, we wish them both well.”

That wasn’t strictly true: while Rhys (who may or may not have been invited) reportedly did not attend, Kieren’s younger brother Brandon was his best man.

It’s a sad reflection of the state of the rift between the young couple and Jack’s parents, which the Daily Telegraph reports began in 2014 when Charlotte and her parents received free flights and accommodation to attend the AFL grand final, while Garry and Donna did not.

It is not known, however, what led Kieren to make that decision, as the football player has rarely spoken about the feud, but it is rumoured that his parents disapproved of Charlotte, who now works as a Channel Ten reporter.


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The feud only became public knowledge when Donna tweeted about not being allowed to attend her son’s 200th game in July 2016.

“[Kieren] so sad. Dad 200 RL you 200 AFL & you don’t want us there, your parents. No appreciation for all the yrs helping you get there,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

The then-captain told the media he didn’t want to be drawn into having a row with his parents in public, but did say the events of that week had been “distressing.”


“My priorities of support are firmly with my partner and my little brother, who I love and care for very much.

“I’m in the public eye and I acknowledge that family did a lot to get me in this position. There is a private matter going on.

“It’s been tough, she [Charlotte] hasn’t deserved the treatment that she’s received. But she’s strong, she’s an independent woman, she’s not just a model — I can tell you that. I love her very much.”


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When your girl is 20 minutes into being a wife and you’re all pretty excited about it ???? #pairofjacks #whataweekend

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Two years on and the couple are married and seem to have had a beautiful wedding day.

Kieren’s Sydney teammates and journalists from Channel Nine – where Charlotte used to be a producer – attended, including Julie Snook and Natalia Cooper.

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