The moment that brought Kieren Jack's girlfriend to tears.

It was welcome relief last night at Kieren Jack‘s 200th AFL game when the heated discussions between his family quietened down just long enough to allow him to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Kieren managed to score the first goal (of many) last night in what eventually saw the Sydney Swans beat Geelong by 38 points.

Absolute champion ❤️

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After the goal-scoring triumph, the camera man panned to Kieren’s girlfriend Charlotte Goodlet, who was sitting beside her parents, as she cupped her hand to her face fighting back tears. Her parents held her as she cried.

The AFL team decided to upload the moment to their official Twitter account.

Kieren’s parents, according to the rumours circling this week, had not been invited to the game, a decision that has seen their names slashed across the media all week.