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6 ways to survive a family road trip.

I remember taking lots of road trips when I was little. They were an affordable family activity option for us and my parents loved to explore this amazing country they both felt blessed to end up in. They packed one hell of a picnic basket…enough to feed us all for a week.

I remember digging into fresh bread rolls with mortadella ham, olives and cheese. I remember my dad chain smoking as he drove, and the smoke blowing back onto my face where I sat right behind him. Then I remember throwing up my delicious lunch at one of many lookouts we stumbled upon.

Car sickness features frequently in my childhood memories.

Now that I have a family of my own, I find myself mimicking my own childhood but I’ve learned a few tricks about surviving family road trips with stomachs and sanity intact.

I’ve learned that nothing brings a family closer than being in a confined space and as much as I hate to hear them squabble, I know they love each other and will treasure this time together.

CLICK THROUGH these are 8 ways to survive a family road trip these school holidays:

What have been some of your favourite family road trips? How do you keep everyone happy?

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