We've found the perfect response for when your kids ask a tricky question.

Kids ask all the tricky questions.

“What is rain?” They’ll say. “How do fish breathe?” and “What is space?”.

You’re not a biologist, astronomer or meteorologist. You’re not David Attenborough, or that space guy from the ABC, Professor Brian Cox. You’re just a parent, trying not to lose your mind.

Thankfully, we have the solution.

Outsource the ‘big’ questions by distracting them with our brand new kids podcast.

It’s called The Beanies. And it’s a ten-episode series hosted by Aussie children’s entertainers Laura, Michael and Mim.

The Beanies
Australia's newest kids podcast is now live!

The first episode is about rain, and features the original song "It's Raining Jelly Beans" which in real life would be an absolute nightmare (think of the sugar running down the drain, and also, who would eat all the black ones?) but in kids world, it's marvellous.

The trio tackle the big questions about rain;  What is it? How is it made? Where does it come from?

There's only one person who can answer of course, Professor Know-It-All.

Thankfully, not you.

Subscribe in iTunes for all ten shows, or listen to the first one here:

The Beanies are available for live performances across NSW. Go to for details and follow The Beanies on social media @TheBeaniesAus

*Music and lyrics written by The Beanies in collaboration with James Court.