That awkward moment when you show a kids' party all your naked photos.

Hands up if you’re good at kids’ birthday parties?

Some of us are sitting on our hands right now. Because every parent knows that what looks like a few cupcakes, balloons and a plate of fairy bread on a fold-out picnic table is actually an enormous amount of effort and drama, late-night cake-baking and agonies over the guest list.

But whatever your kids’ birthday parties are like. compared to this mum, you’re winning.

Because you probably didn’t accidentally show your parents, your partner’s parents and all assembled children, family and friends NAKED PHOTOS of yourself and your partner, engaged in, um, adult activities.

Listen to the story here, on This Glorious Mess (post continues after audio). 

Witness, this mum’s anonymous post on Reddit:

“Yesterday we had my three-year-old’s birthday party. I cleaned the heck out of the house. I set up Transformers decorations, got him an Optimus Prime cake, ordered big pizzas, made delicious lemonade, I went all out.

“We had my parents and my in-laws over in our tiny house. I felt like a bad-ass hostess.

“We’ve got our computer hooked up to the TV for playing Netflix. My partner puts on a movie for background and I forget about it in the whirlwind of activities.

"At one point I noticed that the picture slideshow was running but I didn't think twice about it because my partner had been looking at a picture CD the day before of family pictures.

"I thought about turning it off but I got distracted by my nephew and promptly forgot. Until my dad spoke up.

"Apparently, one of the kids had been playing with the computer and played the slide show from the My Pictures folder, which includes some very NSFW, racy pictures of me and my partner... but mostly me.... and my parents and in-laws saw them before I dashed over and turned it off.

I don't know which pics showed up, but I wasn't about to ask.

I quietly informed my partner. We agreed never to ask or speak of it with my parents or his, ever."

So, as long as you are not showing porn to school-aged children, your kids' party is just fine.

What amazed Andrew Daddo the most about this story, of course, was that these parents had sexy photos to show. Could this have happened at your house?

Listen to the full episode of This Glorious Mess, including an epic story of surprise childbirth, here: 

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