Yes, it's true: Kids really do inherit their intelligence from the mums, not their dads.


All mums know that all of the best traits in their kids are from them, right? The extreme good looks, the clever humour, and the intelligence… it’s all from us.

The bad stuff? Temper tantrums, missing the toilet seat, refusing to eat their vegetables – surely that’s all from dad.

It’s a debate/joke that happens in families every day, but now, there’s scientific backing that says that kids do, in fact, inherit their intelligence from their mums, not their dads.

You’re welcome.

Research reported on indicates that the X chromosome is responsible for carrying intelligence.

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As women have two of these chromosomes (XX, and men have only one with XY), they are more likely to pass down intelligence to their children than the fathers are.

Because women are XX smart, obviously.

The scientists conducting the study believe that a gene, known as a conditioned gene, is usually activated or deactivated to control cognitive function – by the mother.

The study also says that one of the best ways to predict intelligence is the IQ (intelligence quotient) of the mother – not necessarily the father.

This new evidence is great, but the information will, of course, come as no surprise to any mum who’s ever uttered to her partner or spouse, “Your children are little devils”, or “Your children never listen to me”, and “Gosh, my children are geniuses!”

Those mums – they already knew the best in their kids was from them, not the dads.

(Obviously, we are joking: here’s a shout out to all the wonderful, super smart dads out there. We’re sorry this scientific research will most likely be used against you in many arguments, for many years to come.)