Forget the rules for kids in restaurants. Here are the rules restaurants should follow.

Are you beginning to think that parents just aren’t welcome any more?

In the last few months we’ve heard of restaurants that have banned kids after a mother refused to quieten her two-year old down; cafes that have dismantled their play areas so that parents with small children are discouraged to leave and now this – a restaurant that is handing out parents “rule cards” if they choose to bring their small, noisy, messy ones into their premises.

This Mexican restaurant in the US state of Texas, “Cuchara” has been handing out a “rule card” to parents of small children. The handy card found propped up on each table gives hapless parents instructions on how to ensure their children behave. (Like we didn’t know already, right?)

The card features illustration of a family with instructions on how the kids should be sure to sit still and not run or wander.

Cuchara has introduced rule cards. Via Facebook.

The owners, Charlie McDaniel and Ana Beaven told the local TV network: “Families would come in, and they would leave their children unattended, letting them run around and crawl under the tables of other patrons.”

“We’re a Mexican city bistro. Children are in a grown-up environment. It’s not a playground atmosphere. Other people come in for a nice dinner. We also have beautiful artwork in the restaurant, and children damaged some of it.”

The rule card at Cuchara. Via ABC

The owners, whose rule cards have now made news headlines around the world, say they are not “trying to start any anti-kid campaign” but just protect their restaurant.

Watch for yourself the owners speak about why they decided to install the "rule cards". Post continues after video...

Video via ABC News

Overwhelmingly the response on social media has fallen into two categories.

The first the attitude good for them parents should control their children.

The second those who say it's passive aggressive and that kids have rights too.

Owners, Charlie McDaniel and Ana Beaven. Via ABC

I think fair is fair its their business they can run it how they choose, parents who are offended can take their wandering, tantrum throwing kiddies elsewhere. But I do think that maybe as parents we need some rule cards for restaurant owners too.

My rules:

1.   If kids aren’t welcome make it clear and we won’t bring them.

We won't be offended.

2.  Supply kids meals or be adaptable enough to change your meals around.

And when we say no peanuts we mean it.

3.  Kids make noise, if you don’t like that see rule one.

We will do our best to keep them quiet when they scream but a table of laughing kids is better than a booming sound track of hip 80's classic tracks.

4.  If you supply pencils have a sharpener on hand, while we mums carry a lot in those giant sized bags we lug around pencil sharpeners aren’t usually one of them.

(Need a complete set of Thomas trains though –we’ve got you sorted.)

6.  Kids can be a bit messy. Deal with it. 

We will do our bit to pick up the napkins and nuggets and spoons they thrust to the ground but if there are a few crumbs wait till we leave before you get out the vacuum.

The food does look good at Cuchara. Via Facebook

7.  High chairs are much appreciated but those unstable things you prop on top of a chair not so.

Unless you want that delightful cacophony of crying as my 18-month old topples to the floor.

8.  Serve the food quickly. Just as you want us out we just want to feed the kids and dash.

If we wanted to linger over wine we would have hired a babysitter.

9.   Bring the kids meals first. That way they won’t run around.

And that wine glass keep it topped up please.

10.  If we have a pram don’t place us in a spot a pram can’t access.

We don’t want to place our sleeping babies in the broom closet.

11.  If they are shorter than your waist then serve their drinks in plastic.

Yes those recycled jam jars look hip but when they are smashed into 100 pieces on the ground they just look dangerous.

What rules would you put on a rule card for restaurants?