When two parents discovered their 6-yo's wall drawing, they found a cracking solution.

Dr Eric Massicotte is a neurosurgeon and associate professor in Canada.

And, just like every parent who has a creative child, the most dangerous object his son could have is a permanent marker.

That blank wall really is just a canvas to their young eyes, capable of better colours and patterns than the bland “eggshell white” paint their parents have so carefully chosen.

Eric discovered this little piece of art, after coming home to find his wall looking like this:


It's not just scribbles, folks.

No, this child has spent a long time perfecting his house, with particular attention to that very dark shade of green near the front door.

Many parents may roll their eyes and scrub it away after the kids have gone to bed. Others may have said child scrub it off themselves.

Not this guy. As he wrote on Twitter, "Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humour."

Instead, his partner made it a decorate piece of their home, and we love it.


The best part isn't even the frame.

It's the artist's description next to it.



This family have just nailed this parenting thing, and the rest of the internet agrees.


We hope this home-cross-art-gallery will sell for millions.

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