"Leggings as pants and nine other things I swore my kids would never wear (and now do)."

When I was pregnant with my first-born I made many vows about what I would be like as a mother.

I was never ever going to be one of those mummys on her phone at the park.

I was never ever going to let them watch TV just because they were bored or give them an Ipad to stop a tantrum.

And with so many items of “fashion” I swore I NEVER EVER let my child wear “THAT.”

My child will never wear THAT.

Of course they now watch TV all the time, have easy access to Ipads and I hardly ever go to the park, let alone avoid my phone when we do.

And as for “THAT"...well I have broken each and every one of these taboos as well.

Here are ten of the things I swore my child would NEVER wear.. and now do.

1.  PJ’s during the day.

Bananas wear pyjamas during the day. Not children.

My babies were always going to be dressed in “day clothes”. None of this still wearing the onsie from the night before. None of this – toddler at school drop off running around in Elsa jammies and a dressing gown.

What were these mothers? Lazy?

And then, well I er had kids. Three of them. So sanctimonious me pre-kids me had a complete reality check.

2. Dress-ups as clothes.

The Elsa dress and the Princess gowns are just integrated with her wardrobe as they an essential part of her daily fashion.

What were they thinking? Those parents letting their sweet little darlings run around the park suited up in polyester. Dress ups were for parties or for home. Not for wearing in public.

Can you see I didn’t really have that much experience with two-year olds pre becoming a mum myself?

With my first somehow we survived until he started pre-school before the demands for Spiderman costumes, Superman capes and Batman masks came in.

By child number three there is no longer a dress up box. The Elsa dress and the Princess gowns are just integrated with her wardrobe as they an essential part of her daily fashion.

3. Character T-Shirts.

Aren't they awful?

You’ll never catch my child in a Wiggles top. Those Barbie T skirts. Pretty tacky huh?

This one didn’t take long to change. And oh, how I changed! I think our first Wiggles concert at age 18-months saw the first purchase, and they haven't looked back.

4. Leggings as pants.

Leggings are NOT pants.

Leggings are not pants. Pants are not leggings. It is an undisputed law of fashion. Who doesn’t know that?

Well, three-year old girls for one. They don’t know.

The mothers of three-year-old girls just trying to get them out the door – they pretend they don’t know.

I now couldn’t care less about the laws of fashion - if it means you aren't naked then just wear it.

5.  Light up shoes.

We just LOVE these shoes now.

I HATED them when I just had two boys.

I would go into those brightly lit shoe shops and there they were a kaleidoscope of neon with this tacky twinkly-blinky in-your-face explosion of light and colour.

I actually took a photo on my phone and smsed a friend once – also a mother of just boys with a snarky little message “ Thank god we have boys huh. Imagine buying these revolting trainers.”

And then I had a girl.

And then she saw the shoes.

And now she is on her fourth pair.


Karmas a bitch huh?

6.  Sports shoes to school.

Such a dream..

I used to love those shiny black leather school shoes with the little Velcro straps, polishing them every Sunday night.

Can you relate to the things these mums swore they wouldn't do. Do you agree with any of them? (Post continues after video)

Never would my child wear sneakers to school. He needs “proper footwear”.

Yeah. Nicely played mum.

He’s now in year two and drags his feet across concrete every day. he runs, he jumps, he plays soccer and football and tag. Ah, that's why the boys all wear trainers..

7. Crocs.

Prince George you sold them to me.

My kids were NEVER wearing crocs. I mean, lets be honest with each other here. Crocs are ugly. Very very ugly. Who would choose to put those on the feet of your child?

Unless of course your child actually wears them because they are comfortable as opposed to thongs which look cool but make my kids trip over and cry.

Crocs all the way in this house.

And Prince George wears them.. enough said.

8.  Sandals with socks.

No no no no no no YES!

Yep guilty and it is not just the British heritage back there our family linage.

Again its that comfort thing. But don't get me wrong I am not THAT backwards. We usually only do it in those first few weeks of summer while the sandals are stiff and the leather cuts into their teeny-weeny tootsies.

BUT I cringe when they do, honestly. and I walk in front of them.. just a few paces glancing around to make sure no one know they are actually my children.

9.   Tracksuit pants as regular old pants.

Who even am I?

Who even am I? Tracksuit pants are for sport and lounging around the house right? Not for anything else.

Right? Wrong it seems.

10. Bikini’s on girls under 10.

The one thing I am still holding out on.

This is my sticking point. So far I have held out. I know it’s just me and I am in a minority here but I don’t like them.

Bikinis on little girls - blerg.

Two pieces are for when you have breasts – the top piece to cover said breasts. Little girls don’t need them so stick to a one piece or preferably a long sleeved rash vest and bottoms.

So far its worked.

But the best-laid plans are quite often railroaded by a four-year old girl with a mission, so watch this space.

What clothes have you sworn your child would NEVER wear? Did you stick to it?

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