The moment a "traumatised" mum was forced into The Sex Talk after being caught in the act.

Oh, good lord.

The Modern Mumma, Mel Watts, has suffered probably two of the most dreaded moments in any parent’s life:

1) Having ‘The Talk‘.

2) Caught having sex.

And, she has unfortunately suffered both of those moments at the exact same time.

Sharing on social media, Mel posted the cringe-worthy yet hilarious story of how her nine-year-old son caught her having sex.

The hilarious image she shared with the post. Image via Instagram.

She thought he was sound asleep through the thin walls, but he definitely wasn't.

"...all he said was "could you possibly keep it down when you have sex?"," Mel wrote. "To which I replied 'Sure buddy, I'm sorry' wishing it was appropriate to say 'I'll go neck myself over here'."

As she posted, Mel has been trying to work out when and who should have the talk with her son for a long time.

"For a while we've been going back and forth over who was going to have the sex talk with our oldest son. I didn't want to, I figured I've got another two girls to get through so it's only right that one of his dads did. Then I thought maybe he is too young. I figured he is my first child and I had no idea what an appropriate age would be. So I left it."

Check out more from The Modern Mumma. Images via Instagram.

What was most upsetting for the blogger was how he found out.

"You see he didn't hear amazing passionate sex. He heard "well that was a waste of a load" from me and oh my favourite part "that was the worst" curtesy of the husband. Which it was. He said something funny and I laughed really hard and told him I'm honestly about to pee myself. So as you can imagine the things the 9 yo was hearing wasn't exactly nice.

"I'm traumatised.

"His dad is traumatised.

"His biological dad will be traumatised."

Fortunately enough, she seems to be very much seeing the funny side of the whole catastrophe, with no hopes of being "Mum of the Year".

"I think I'm going to take up celibacy until I'm old and senile and forget that this ever happened....

"In the meantime I'll clean my sheets and try my luck at having another baby in 10 years."

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