The emotional reason a mum spent $13K on the most epic kid's party we've ever seen.

Back in my day (here we go), kids’ parties usually consisted of a cardboard crown, half-melted ice cream cake and a few rides down a big red slippery dip at the local McDonald’s.

Sometimes, there’d be a fairy-themed house party with sparkly face paint and way too many chocolate crackles, but that was about as extravagant as it got.

Well, a Melbourne mum probably just spent more on one party than the cost of every McDonald’s kids party I ever went to combined.

…And it was for her one-year-old son.

As reported by Yahoo7, Melbourne mum Jackie Lam spent nearly $13,000 on a lavish first birthday bash for her son Lachlan, and yes, you read that figure correctly.

This party looks way better than my 21st. Facebook/apeachyaffairevents

Apparently the event, which Lam started planning when Lachy was just two months old, was so opulent, friends and family compared it to a wedding.

It was held at a waterside restaurant for 125 adults and 50 children, and boasted a buffet meal for the grown ups with a specially-crafted menu for the kids, complete with a decadent dessert station.

There was also a ball pit, photo booth, face painter and balloonist.


Lam even had labels designed for the treats sent home in party bags.

extravagant kids party
Every single detail was perfect. Source: Facebook/apeachyaffairevents

A professional photographer was hired to capture the whole Where the Wild Things Are themed event - which was dressed with an abundance of green balloons, handmade jungle garlands and bespoke signage.

The 31-year-old mother, who decided to start her own events planning business after hosting the party, isn't letting criticism of the cost get to her for one very emotional reason.

Lam had tragically suffered a miscarriage before Lachy was born.

“With so much to celebrate, who wouldn’t want to try and mark it with a kick-ass party?,” she told Yahoo7.

Acknowledging that it was an expensive exercise, she added: "If you’re going to do a birthday party, you’ve got to do it properly."

(Yes, there was a fully-stocked bar for the parents).

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but for us it was something we felt was worth it, but we acknowledge that it’s a lot of money."

We kinda wish we were invited, to be honest.

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