"I fed a sugar-free child all the cake in the world. Should I tell her parents?"

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It’s all very well to keep your kids sugar-free at home, but what happens out in the REAL WORLD, people?

Like: The world of children’s parties?

Sugar. Sugar happens.

This week on This Glorious Mess, a delicate quandry.

Parent Alyssa stumped us by asking; whose rules do you follow when you’re looking after someone else’s kid?

She was in charge of taking her six-year-old, the daughter of a friend, to a birthday party. The friend’s daughter comes from a sugar-free house of health.

And as soon as they got to the party, she went all Winnie-The-Pooh-in-a-honey-pot-kinda-crazy. She tore around the party throwing jelly snakes and cake into her mouth with the fervour of a Boxing Day sale.

Listen to the dilemma, and the opinions on it, here:

And then, a few hours later, she was sent home full of chocolate. Alyssa said nothing. She skedaddled out of there before the mum even had a chance to look at her precious baby’s dilated pupils.

Whose rules do you follow in this situation?  Should you have to follow children who aren’t yours around a party that also isn’t yours, and make sure their blood-sugar remains steady?  Are you supposed to hover and push carrots over cupcakes? Spirulina over smarties?

If it’s an allergy, fair enough. But when it’s not, when it’s a “lifestyle choice”, what then?

Andrew Daddo has been in this situation.

So has Holly Wainwright.

sugar free kids
Holly and Andrew have thoughts.

And it’s tricky, because should you respect another parent’s rules when you’re looking after their child?

This week on This Glorious Mess, the four word conclusion from our “experts”.

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