"Family and friends, there's something I desperately need you to stop doing with my kids..."

Dear Family and Friends,

When you see our children please do not feed them crap. We are so blessed to live in a world where science has come so far and information is just one Google search away that we know what our kids should be eating and to be honest, you are not helping. You are just adding to our stress levels and giving our children mixed messages about living healthy.

Our kids do not need biscuits every time they see you. Nor do they need dessert every time we have dinner with you. They do not need to come home with Jelly or go out to get fast food for lunch. You do not need to send them home with slices because you have fed them more than what you could stomach and we, their parents, have said ‘No they do not need ice cream!’ Oh and when we say ‘No more’, do not think we do not see you sneak them that bit extra. We do, and we hate it.

"There are plenty of ways to show our kids you love them and that don't involve them coming down from a sugar high." Image: Getty.

I know this might sound harsh but we have tried to show our displeasure nicely and you either are not getting the signals or have no regard for our parenting. There are plenty of ways to show our kids you love them and that don't involve them coming down from a sugar high on the car on the way home from lunch at your house. Spend time with them, read them a book (or take them to a book shop and see them delight in choosing their own). Take them to the park, take them to mini golf or give them a movie ticket. Create memories with them that does not involve them feeling stroppy with a belly ache.

And please do not worry, they will not miss out. We do not want that. It means when they get a Merit Award at School we will take the family out for ice cream to celebrate. It means on a cold day after footy I will make them hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm them up. Mum I will also on occasion make the raspberry and coconut Slice as a treat. I loved it as child and I want them to taste it.

It does not mean at Christmas time I do not want you to make your pav... it means I know my kids will enjoy it so much more because it is a treat. Who knows one day they may talk to their kids about their favourite Christmas dessert at Nanna's house and try recreate your recipe only to say 'It is just not as good as Nanna's.'

We love you and we love our kids and just want the best for them and we know you want that too!

Love Anon xo

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