The podcast that will keep your kids entertained during the school holidays.

With shows like My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef on our screens, kids know more about food than we ever did growing up.

How did we survive without ‘food journeys’ and the constant risk of being in a ‘sudden death’ cook off?

Well, Mamamia’s kids’ podcast, The Beanies, has delved into the culinary world of kids on our behalf and have devoted an entire podcast episode just to food!

There’s no an expert judge or contestant on the verge of ‘going home’ in this podcast. No quinoa, kale or mystery box challenges. Instead, it’s all spaghetti, strawberries, and hearing the story about Billy, and a Super Hot Chilli!

Hosts, Michael, Laura and Mim ask all the important questions like what makes food taste good and get the answers from Professor Know-It-All who explains to us what tastebuds actually do and what happens to us when we taste food, and what’s up with spicy foods.

Tricky questions parents might not know the answer to. Done!

Kids love The Beanies podcast and it’s the perfect companion for car trips and in the school holidays.

There’s ten episodes all up and this one is 17 minutes. Play this one for them (and yourself.)

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The Beanies are available for live performances across NSW. Go to for details and follow The Beanies on social media @TheBeaniesAus

*Music and lyrics written by The Beanies in collaboration with James Court.