Girl writes adorable letter to trick her mum into revealing her present.

Let’s take a second to remember back a few (many) years ago to when we were kids. We thought we could get away with anything, right?

I remember writing a note to my school nurse when I was about seven, it said I was sick (ambiguous, yes) and needed to go home from school immediately. I signed it off with my mum’s name. Which I spelt wrong. Let’s just say I didn’t go home from school that day.

It seems some tricks really do stick, with Reddit user, EndlessLazer posting an image of a handwritten note from their daughter, Lily, captioned, ‘Seems Legit’.

Image via Reddit/@EndlessLazer.

The note, written in pencil, reads:

" Dear Wife,

What did you get Lily for a surprise again? I forgot.

Please reply here ________.

Love: Don."

The note gained attention quickly on internet forum, Reddit, with users 'upvoting' it to the top of the Funny subreddit.

Commenters jumped on the joking band wagon, with one, @hkdharmon writing, "Oh, no. What's Mum's name? Um, I'll just use 'Wife'."

Sorry Lily, I don't think your folks will be letting you in on the surprise any time soon.

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