4 y/o drew on daddy's passport. And now dad can't get home.

Well, this kid is probably going to be sent to ‘time out’ when his dad finally gets home…

A 4-year-old from China has inadvertently trapped his father in South Korea, after he decided to try out colouring-in skills – on his father’s passport.

The father, known only as Chen, posted the picture of his passport on the social networking site Weibo, along with a plea for help.

Instead of his ID, the father was left with a book full of drawings of animals and people — and his own passport photo was given some, er, creative additions including a full beard, wild hair, and what can only be called devil eyes.

The dad is now stuck in South Korea, and authorities have said he may not be able to travel home with his son and the rest of the family.

And that’s why you buy kids colouring-in books for long plane trips.

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