Bodily fluids & humping unicorns: 7 parents share the weirdest drawings their kids have done.

Kids draw the craziest things.

They have no filter and their little minds are filled with bizarre and baffling thoughts. So when you put pen (or crayon) to paper, you get some pretty… interesting things.

And while some of your kid’s drawings are clearly earmarked for the fridge or a picture frame, there are other drawings that you look at and, well, question.

We’re talking about the ones that make you laugh internally but you know are way too inappropriate to display around the house.

We asked seven parents to share the weirdest, funniest and downright scariest drawings their kids have ever done.

Here are their masterpieces:

Unicorn friends.

“My then five-year-old. It’s two unicorns playing piggyback, obvs. And the top one is pooing because… life!” says Rebecca.

Kids Drawing
Kids Drawing

Serial killers.

"My sister sent me a drawing my six-year-old nephew had done. It was just a bunch of serial killers... so weird!" says Penny.

kids drawings
Image: supplied.

An innocent Christmas drawing.

"My now 15-year-old daughter is mortified that this is still our family Christmas page profile picture," says Sjaala.

Kids drawings
Image: supplied.

An inconspicuous lion.

"I’m a teacher and this one caught my eye during a meeting - couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a lion by the way," says Steph.

Image: supplied.

A misshapen Santa hat.

"My son’s art project. That’s a Santa hat in case you’re wondering..." says Bec.

Kids drawing
Image: supplied.

Bodily fluids.

"My daughter drew this for her Grandma. It’s now pinned on her photo wall at the entrance of her house," says Kylie.

kids drawing
Image: supplied.

Sibling love.

"My son’s drawing of his little sister in jail," says Laura.

kids drawing
Image: supplied.

Has your kid ever made a questionable piece of art? Let us know in the comments below. 

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