It’s mum-shaming season on The Kardashians.

The Kardashians fans are no strangers to watching the sisters get into ugly arguments each season, but a feud between Kim and Khloe Kardashian in a recent episode has made for uncomfortable viewing.

An argument broke out where most arguments begin in this family: sitting on a bed. Mother-of-four Kim took issue with a passive-aggressive comment that mother-of-two Khloe made about her daughter Chicago's hair, but then it ended in the SKIMS founder shaming Khloe right back for how she parents.

"Khloe has really been pissing me off lately, so we're going to Aspen and I just want to get some things off my chest and just really clear the air with her before we go," Kim said in a confessional before bringing up the subject.

"What now?" Khloe replied. Kim then relayed her version of what happened. 

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"You called me and asked me if you could do Chi's hair, I don't know if condescending is the word, but you're very like shaming, like, 'Can I do Chi's hair? Do you mind?' And you're like, 'Cause her hair has like so much product in it,' and I'm just like, 'I know'," Kim said.

"You were calling to not really ask me if you could do her hair but to let me know that her hair wasn't washed."

Khloe was baffled, replying that she called because she just "wanted to know" if she could fix the six-year-old's hair. 

Khloe wasn't backing down, telling her sister "If you don't care if I do it, next time I will not ask you and I'll just do the hair, but if also then I do it, you're gonna say, 'Why'd you touch that?'"


Watch the beginning of the argument here. The post continues after the video.

Video via Disney Plus.

But the argument got even more heated when Khloe accused Kim of "projecting" her stresses on her.

"It sounds like you're dealing with a bunch of your own bulls**t and you decided like harvest this and build up all this animosity towards me when this is a you f**king problem," she slammed. 

This triggered something in Kim, who all season has harboured resentments over Khloe not socialising much lately and pulling out of a recent trip to Paris. 

"You need to live your life," Kim said. "You have the world at your fingertips but you won't go see the world."

In a baffling choice by Kim, she compared Khloe to Brendan Fraser's character in The Whale as "the guy won't leave his house," she said. 

She continued, "You don't realise that sometimes you have a stick up your a**, and it's like sometimes you're like, God, she just needs to get f**ked," Kim said. "Like, you just need to get away from your kids." 

During Khloe's confessional, she accused Kim of "mum-shaming" her. Fans on X have been largely siding with Khloe over the feud. 


But the comments on X contain a more subtle type of mum-shaming: Khloe is rewarded for seemingly rarely leaving the house to dedicate her entire life to her kids while Kim is chastised for being motivated by more than motherhood. 

Either way, women can't win. 

In Khloe's defense, she has good reason to want to shut herself off in recent years: the woman has been through it. 

For basically her entire time in the spotlight, she's received constant criticism ranging from her looks to her rumoured surgery to her real father

She had a high-profile relationship with her children's father Tristan Thompson, which was on-and-off between 2016 and 2022, with the basketballer cheating on Khloe multiple times.

Add to all this, she had two young children, True and Tatum.

Let's just cut all these mums a break — Khloe and Kim Kardashian, included. 

Feature image: Disney Plus. 

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