Khloe Kardashian hits back at people who disapprove of her interracial relationship.

Newsflash: it’s 2016. That means people who date, love and spend time with whoever they damn well please.

It seems some Kardashian haters are yet to receive that memo, forcing Khloe Kardashian to make a statement about those who aren’t happy with her latest ‘interracial’ relationship.

Khloe Kardashian has been dating athlete Tristan Thompson for two months. Image via Instagram.

Khloe has been dating Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Tristan Thompson for two months, and has slammed those who don't approve of their new relationship.

"I don't support racism or discrimination of any kind and I especially don't understand why some people are still against interracial relationships," she wrote on her official website.

"Like who the F cares anymore?! It's so crazy because we're all human beings capable of love so why does skin colour have anything to do with it?"


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Khloe was responding to a post from a fan, who revealed she had been called names and stared at because she is "a white woman dating a black man."

"I have been called every name you could ever imagine. If my boyfriend and I go out together, there are always stares. People often make rude comments and gestures toward us. I brush it off because I know the man I love is human," the fan wrote.

"I wish people understood we ALL are the same inside, just a different skin colour on the outside."