Why we should applaud Khloe Kardashian for “getting on with it".

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As the news spread earlier this month that Lamar Odom lay unconscious in hospital with possible brain damage after a drug-fuelled stint in a brothel, the world began watching Khloe Kardashian, his legal wife. Closely.

She reacted by rushing to his side, visibly distraught with her Kardashian and Jenner siblings in tow. Her sister Kim Kardashian West postponed her baby shower so that Khloe and her family could watch Lamar’s progress.

But now, roughly two weeks since Lamar’s hospitalisation, the public’s sympathy and warmth for Khloe has shifted.

And it’s been brought on by the youngest Kardashian’s antics.

You see, Khloe dared to post a video on her KhloeWithAK app and website, where she was working out with Gunnar Peterson “as though nothing was wrong”, as one website reported.

Khloe Kardashian has been accused of acting as though “nothing is wrong” while Lamar Odom fights for his life. (Image via Getty.)

Other sites have inferred her choice to see her hair colourist and stylist for a new short ‘do this week is odd timing. Comments on her Instagram pictures have labelled her “selfish”.

While it might not have been completely spelled out, the insinuation is there: how dare Khloe Kardashian seem to be “OK” when Lamar Odom is in bad shape.

How dare she seem to be living normally while he is fighting for his very survival in a Los Angeles hospital. (Post continues after video.)

How dare she continue to work and seem OK when Lamar’s future is so uncertain.

Yes, what happened to Lamar is tragic, but it’s no reason for his former partner to completely stop what she’s doing, never to be happy again.


It doesn’t mean Khloe needs to quit her commitments and stay by Lamar’s bedside until he’s well again. (Post continues after gallery.)


Life must go on for her, whether he’s well or not. Why are people finding this so hard to come to terms with?

Judging someone because they’re capable of picking themselves up and feeling something other than sadness and despair during a hard time is not only ridiculous, it’s cruel.

Yes, it’s possible to feel grief, sadness, loss, happiness and enthusiasm — all within a 24-hour period. The pain someone is or isn’t feeling isn’t always communicated by their actions, the expression on their face or their Instagram photos.

Do you think it’s unfair to judge Khloe for working while Lamar is in hospital?

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