Khloe Kardashian is now telling us how to keep our pubic region "clean".

Khloe Kardashian waves her pubes goodbye. (Source: Getty.)

We’re usually big fans of Khloe Kardashian but we’re not overly keen on her handing out advice on how to maintain your pubic region, particularly when it’s based on a non-existent “health” argument.

On her new website, the reality TV star wrote an article on the topic of pubic hair, more specifically, how she and her famous sisters groom theirs.

“You guys know I’m not gonna beat around the bush (no pun intended), so let’s get straight to it: I’m all about the landing strip… I like to be clean; I like to be manicured. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird, in my opinion — especially when you have tits and an ass,” she wrote.

“It just freaks me out a little bit. I don’t like looking at an adult woman and seeing nothing down there. Whenever I’m at the spa, it just makes me uncomfortable when I see that. But then again, it also makes me uncomfortable when I see something wild and untamed.”

Right. While Khloe’s certainly entitled to her own, well, pubic-related opinions, referring to “unmanicured” pubic hair as something that’s not “clean” isn’t just ridiculous. It’s false.

If there was one thing that I learned from my years of reading Dolly Doctor, it was this: pubic hair is certainly not dirty.

In recent times, with the explosion of hair removal on almost all body parts, many women report feeling ‘cleaner’ without pubic hair,” explains Dr Ilana Galgut from enRich Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.  But don’t be mistaken: feeling clean isn’t the same as being clean.

“But if you ask their grandmothers, they kept themselves very clean with full hair growth. So does feeling cleaner really equate to being cleaner? From a medical perspective, absolutely not!” declares Dr Ilana.


Keep in mind, also, that pubic hair may actually serve a purpose.

“Pubic hair does have a purpose, providing a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens,” Dr Emily Gibson explained to The Guardian. (Post continues after gallery.)

Also, frequent shaving or waxing of pubic hair can actually expose the genitals to the risk of bacteria and infections.

“Pubic hair removal naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles left behind, leaving microscopic open wounds…When that irritation is combined with the warm moist environment of the genitals, it becomes a happy culture medium for some of the nastiest of bacterial pathogens,” Dr Gibson told The Guardian.

Not only that, but frequent waxing and shaving can also lead to a potential increase in staph boils and abscesses. Makes you more appreciative of your pubes, right?

While Khloe might not have meant her lack of pubic hair makes her literally cleaner, it’s not the best message to be sending out.

Different Kardashian sisters, different pube styles. Now we know too much. (Source: Instagram.)

Khloe also dished on her sisters’ pube situations.

“I know Kim is completely bare, and now she says she wishes she still had a lil' somethin' going on but she lasered it all off,” Khloe continued.

Apparently Kourtney jokes about having a “70s-style bush” but is also in favour of a “landing strip”. Good to know.

Whatever your pubic hair preferences, keep in mind one thing: having pubic hair, in any form, does not make you unclean.

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