Khloe Kardashian gets honest about why she cut her hair.

Usually, I have nearly zero cares about what is going on with most celebrities, particularly those whose last names are Kardashian and/or Jenner.

There’s nothing wrong with them, of course, I just feel there’s an over-saturation of Kardashian on the internet.

But, here’s the exception to my own rule.

Khloe Kardashian recently appeared on US talk show, Live! With Kelly and Michael, to discuss a whole bunch of things.

The first topic of discussion was her hair.

Primarily because she went from this:

Pre-hair. Image via Instagram @khloekardashian

To this:

Now. Image via Instagram @khloekardashian

From my untrained, hairdressing eye, I can tell it’s been cut quite a bit, it’s blonder than before, and has some lovely curls.

She’s gone from fabulous long hair to fabulous short hair.


As I said, usually I wouldn’t eve be aware of the change.

However, in the interview Khloe Kardashian speaks quite honestly on why she decided to go for the change.

“I cut all my hair off because I was in the hospital and I just felt like I needed, once I got out of there for a minute, I need to get rid of this negativity,” she said.

“You shouldn’t do, I think, haircuts when you’re that emotionally confused but I did – and I love it, though.”

Khloe went on to chat about other things, but in that small moment, Khloe really hit home.

Following the hospitalization of her former husband, Lamar Odom, Khloe has evidently been under an immense amount of stress.


Watch Khloe Kardashian talk on the show. (Post continues after video.)

Stress to respond in the right way. Stress to be with him, but still be with her family and continue working. Stress dealing with the media and commentary on the right way she should be acting.

Lots and lots of stress.

So, even if it was just for a fleeting moment, Khloe spoke refreshingly honestly about her haircut.

We’ve all been through these times in our lives when, on the spur of the moment and for reasons that are still be apparent, noticably changed our physical appearance.

So, from a non-Kardashian fan to a Kardashian, I say: thank you, Khloe.

Thank you for being authentic and reminding us, sometimes we do things in emotionally-fuelled moments and that’s totally okay.

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