The reason why Khloe Kardashian has invented a whole new clothing size.


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying the Kardashians have brought some much-needed body diversity into the fashion industry.

When Khloe Kardashian and co-founder Emma Grede launched their all-inclusive denim brand Good American in 2016, Kardashian said:

“Emma and I both agreed there was something missing from the denim community. Whenever we bought new jeans, it was hard for us to find a pair that fit our body types, and even when we did they’d always need alterations. We knew if we both had this problem, there must be tons of girls who did, too. So we set out to make a denim line that’s sexy and flattering, and made to fit you – not the other way round.

And they’ve really stayed true to their ethos.

Their denim sizing starts at 00 and goes up to 24. The brand always uses a diverse cast of models on the website. There’s no separate ‘plus size’ section. And they’ve added stylish and size-inclusive workout and maternity wear to their range. 

Now, Kardashian and Grede’s have gone one step further and straight-up ‘invented’ a whole new clothing size.

Let us introduce you to the size 15. (Yep, there’s never ever been a size 15 in the fashion industry before.)


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No, it’s not a marketing ploy. Kardashian and Grede’s realised they (and the entire fashion industry) were overlooking a group of women who are in-between size 14 and size 16. After analysing their data from the past two years, they discovered Good American was receiving 50 percent more returns for size 14 and 16 denim, compared to any other size in their 00-24 range.

It’s actually quite a problem industry-wide. You see, there’s a big discrepancy in the pattern of size 14s and 16s as it changes from a ‘straight’ pattern to a ‘plus’ pattern. So, it’s really difficult for women who sit in-between those sizes to find something that really fits well. 

Kardashian and Grede decided to actually do something about this and created a size 15.

“After months of research and tweaking of patterns, we will introduce this new size – where we bridge the gap between a more straight ‘missy’ pattern and what’s considered a ‘plus’ pattern,” a note to fans said on the Good American Instagram page on Monday.

“As a brand who believes that women are not defined by size (who’s to say who’s ‘plus’ or ‘minus’), we’ve made room in our size chart for size 15 to solve for an issue that shouldn’t even be there in the first place.”



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Launching yesterday, the Good Curve line comes in the new size 15 and is “the ultimate balancing jean, developed directly from customer feedback”, designed “for those customers that sit on the cusp of straight sizing and plus sizing.”

In an industry that doesn’t have a great (or even good) reputation for catering to women who are not model-size, it’s pretty refreshing to see this.

And now we’re wondering why the heck no one’s done this before? It doesn’t seem all that hard… you just gotta listen.