A thorough investigation into the theories that "prove" Khloe Kardashian isn't pregnant.

There are some things in life we humans accept to be true.

The sky is blue. The earth is round. Bachelor in Paradise is kinda weird.

Khloe Kardashian being pregnant, it would seem, is not one of them. Yes, that’s right.

Despite the fact the 33-year-old appears to be very, very with child – literally WEEKS from popping out a tiny infant – the internet is building a case to support their unusual theory that Khloe has been faking her pregnancy for months on her momager Kris’ orders in the name of publicity.

We are 99.83 per cent sure this theory is completely and utterly bogus. But that .17 per cent of us that lives for these kinds of wild conspiracies urged us to sort through all the facts for ourselves.

Thus began our investigation into whether one Khloe Alexandra Kardashian is actually pregnant.

Part One: The initial reports from Blind Gossip.

This theory all began with a single report from gossip website Blind Gossip saying the reason for Khloe’s delayed pregnancy confirmation was because she was not really with child.

“People think that she is just waiting to be safe before she confirms the pregnancy. She actually is not even pregnant! She is just stretching out the rumours as long as possible because of publicity,” the site reported a source said.

Credible, no?

Logical explanation:

Thankfully we didn’t have to dig too deep to figure this one out.

Khloe explained exactly why she kept her pregnancy news to herself for so long in an Instagram post in December 2017, saying “we wanted to enjoy this between our family and close friends as long as we could privately. To enjoy our first precious moments just us.”

Fair enough.

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Part Two: The belly button.

Next, Blind Gossip planted a seed of doubt in the internet’s mind about the legitimacy of Khloe’s pregnancy belly button. That it was not, well, ‘outie’ enough for a pregnant lady.

Comparing an image of Khloe’s pregnant belly alongside another actress’, the publication claimed if it was not a pillow stuffed under her dress, we would all be able to see the shape of her belly button under her tight-fitting clothes.

The internet was quicker to get on board with this argument, because, good point Blind Gossip. Where is Khloe’s belly button?


Logical explanation:

Turns out, again, Khloe already countered this piece of evidence. Whether or not she knew she was doing so at the time still remains up for debate.

After being sent a product to help ease outie belly button irritation during pregnancy, Khloe posted a video on Snapchat saying her ‘biggest fear’ was that her innie belly button would pop out during her pregnancy.

Other mums came to her aid, sharing photographic proof of their pregnant innie belly buttons, rendering the internet’s argument void.


Oh, and also here’s a recent picture of her pregnancy stomach uncovered.

If you look closely there really is nowhere she could be hiding any velcro or fake stomach clips.

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Part Three: All of Khloe in general.

In the third prong of the internet’s argument, Khloe’s entire body comes into question.

As in, people think either a) Khloe’s overall appearance doesn’t match her pregnant belly OR b) the person we’ve been seeing on Instagram is not Khloe, but in fact a body double. Potentially from the movie White Chicks.

This image was the most concerning.

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Logical explaination:

We… we have nothing, other than the faith we have in the Kardashian/Jenner clan that they did not hire a body double to be pregnant Khloe at public appearances.

Now that we’ve unpacked the theory, it’s also important to note Khloe is not the first pregnant celebrity who’s been accused of not being pregnant.

When Beyonce was pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy in 2011, certain Bey stalkers watchers saw her tummy fold over ‘weirdly’ during a TV interview, indicating there couldn’t possibly be a baby in her stomach.

Also in 2011, Nicole Kidman was thought by some to be wearing a baby belly while her sister Antonia carried her first child with Keith Urban.

And most recently it was her sister, Kylie Jenner.

It was not until she shared the first photos of Stormi did some believe she was pregnant at all. Though that was semi-understandable considering we saw nothing of Kylie’s lower-half for nine months.


The conclusion we’ve arrived at is: there are some people on this earth who will never choose to believe Khloe Kardashian is pregnant. Not even if they had a front row seat to her birth.

To those people we say, you do you.

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