Kim Kardashian gives her sister the ultimate birthday present...herself.

Anyone who has access to social media and an internet connection knows that the Kardashian-Jenner-Dissick-West family really like themselves a celebration.

And following on from North West’s mermaid-themed third birthday last week is Khloe, (A.K.A Khlo Money / aunty KoKo / the best thing that ever happened to Lamar Odom) who turned 32 on Monday.

khloe kardashian birthday

Welcome to Khloe's house of birthday. Source: Snapchat. 

Heading to the carnival themed party, Kim shared an image of two presents wrapped in the recently released Kimoji wrapping paper, saying, "It's Khloe's birthday. Do you think she'll know who these gifts are from?"

Ah, when you're globally adored older sister bestows you with unidentifiable items adorned in the cartoon image of her own face. Is this the gift that keeps on giving? Yes, yes it is.

khloe kardashian birthday

The only way to give Khloe Kardashian a birthday present. Source: Snapchat. 

Now, I can hear some of you saying that wrapping a present in the crying face of Hollywood's most famous reality star isn't for you. And that's fine, we understand. And most importantly, Kim understands.

Which is why her range of papers also includes 'Bae' paper, butt paper, and her engagement ring paper.

All of your gift giving problems solved in an instant for a whopping mere $35 per sheet!

khloe kardashian birthday

Kim, Blac and Kylie. Source: Snapchat. 

Kim also shared snaps from inside the party, which included a candy covered table, trays of shots and various carnival games. (See Kylie letting loose at the shooting range below.)

Most notably though, was a snap of herself snuggling up with Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner.

khloe kardashian birthday

Kim and Blac (left) and Kourtney and Blac (right). Source: Snapchat. 

For those who missed it, Chyna is Kim's former BFF and now the fiancee of her baby brother Rob Kardashian. They're expecting a baby together later this year, and she also shares an ex with Kylie.

Kourtney also shared a snap with Chyna, in which they both wished Khloe a happy birthday.

khloe kardashian birthday

Khloe putting in work and Kylie taking aim. Source: Snapchat. 

See! They can all get along you guys. They just need some Snapchat filters and a rented out arcade to get there.

As for the birthday girl herself, she was snapped inside a gaming booth working hard for the win.

Happy birthday Khloe!

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