Yep, this new 'Rolls Royce of hair treatments' is the real deal.

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When it comes to good hair, I consider myself somewhat of an expert. I know this is a big claim, but it is mostly based on being called 'the employee with very shiny hair' in a Mamamia company update, so I can actually back it up. 

The truth is, I do go to a lot of effort to look after my hair. There are a lot of everyday factors that can lead to damage and impact the quality of your hair, like colouring, styling and everyday wear and tear (and for me, that's a tick, tick and tick). As a result, most of us can experience varying degrees of damage to our hair, from dryness to split ends, brittle texture and dull colour (myself included). 

As I'm approaching my mid-30s, I've noticed more greys, so I'm dyeing my hair about every three months and also heat styling my hair two to three times a week. So when I heard about the Kérastase Première collection, that has been likened to "the La Mer of haircare", I had to get it in my hands and onto my hair immediately.

As a big fan of Kérastase and having seen great results with their products in the past, I know their claims can be backed up. The Première collection, for example, has been formulated through 10 years of research and has shown real efficacy in improving your hair. With the six products in the collection totaling $512, they are considered luxe and come with a price point to match. However, they all work closely together to achieve the best results and for great hair every single day, it's worth the investment.

So what are the key features and benefits of each product, how did I use them and the most important question of all; did I see the results? Here are my honest thoughts after trying the entire range:


Première Intensive Repairing Concentrate, $99. 

The Première Intensive Repairing Concentrate. Image: Supplied.

The product I was most excited to try was the Première Intensive Repairing Concentrate, mostly because it is the first of its kind. It is the first step in the routine and specifically formulated to remove excess calcium, allowing damaged hair to be effectively repaired.


But why do we need to worry about calcium in our hair, you might ask? Great question. 

According to Edine, Kérastase’s Global Scientific Director, the main cause of damage to hair is a calcium overdose. Internally, calcium sneaks in between the keratin chains and breaks the bonds, weakening the hair. Externally, calcium accumulates on the hair scales, making it rough, dull, rigid and prone to breakage. With each exposure to water, calcium builds up, perpetuating a cycle of persistent damage to our hair.

That is where the Première Intensive Repairing Concentrate steps in. As a pre-wash glycine treatment with 8 per cent pure acids, it decalcifies and repairs the hair simultaneously by eliminating calcium deposits and reconnecting broken bonds in the keratin chains. The benefits of recreating 99 per cent of the hair's original strength, a 93 per cent reduction in breakage and 75 percent more shine speak for themselves.

I put about five pumps in the palm of my hand and evenly distributed it through my hair, starting at the roots and working through to the ends. After working it into my hair, I brushed it through and pinned my hair up with a clip, waiting five minutes. It had a great scent, with a light citrusy fragrance similar to the rest of the range and a gel texture that was easy to distribute.

Première Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo, $65.

The Première Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo. Image: Supplied.


After leaving the Première Intensive Repairing Concentrate in, I followed it with the Première Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo directly on top without rinsing the concentrate first, as they work together. The shampoo is designed for all types of damaged hair, and I worked it through for another five minutes. It started as a creamy texture and built into a lavish foam, continuing the work of removing excess calcium and repairing and restoring the keratin bonds inside the hair shaft.

It left my scalp and hair feeling clean while still being gentle and enhanced the smoothness and shine of my hair.


Première Repairing Conditioner for Damaged Hair, $76. 

The Première Repairing Conditioner for Damaged Hair. Image: Supplied.

After shampooing, I applied the Première Repairing Conditioner for Damaged Hair from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair for another five minutes. I chose this product because it is recommended for thin hair. The conditioner focuses on restoring the original elasticity of your hair by fortifying the fibre to increase its strength. It helps bring moisture and fluidity back to the hair and neutralises the rigid effects caused by calcium in the water, preventing further hair breakage.


The conditioner has a jelly-like texture that felt very nourishing when applied to my hair.

Première Repair Mask for Damaged Hair, $99. 

The Première Repair Mask for Damaged Hair. Image: Supplied.


If you have thick hair, you can use the Première Hair Repair Mask (instead of the repairing conditioner). It has a very rich formula that rebuilds the inner strength of the hair while forming a protective shield against further breakage.

The mask has a luxurious and creamy texture, penetrating the hair to deliver even more conditioning care. It's particularly great for those who have undergone a chemical process at the salon, such as lightening, resulting in 98 per cent less breakage.

Première Intensive Repairing Serum, $103. 

The Première Intensive Repairing Serum. Image: Supplied.


After rinsing, I towel-dried my hair and then applied the Première Intensive Repairing Serum before brushing through. It's a lightweight leave-in hair treatment that gives a glossy and supple appearance to the hair. It seals the hair cuticles and creates a shield for the hair's surface while penetrating the hair fibre to reinforce its strength.

The serum also protects the hair from humidity and heat up to 230°C, which is music to my ears as someone who regularly heat-styles their hair. If you're prone to frizz, it keeps your hair frizz-free for 72 hours, leaving it smooth, supple and easy to style. All the things we love.

Première Repairing Hair Oil, $70. 

The Première Repairing Hair Oil. Image: Supplied.


I then blow-dried my hair, and as a final finish, I applied the Première Repairing Hair Oil. It is an advanced leave-in concentrated oil that is designed to restore the hair to its natural shine and vitality. The oil seals split ends, strengthens the hair fibres and combats the dullness that often results from damaged hair. It increases the hair's shine by an incredible four times.

In terms of the final results, my hair definitely felt much softer and appeared to have less buildup. It was easier to style and sat more smoothly after straightening. My hair felt lighter and had a noticeable increase in shine. 

After using the range, there's no denying I feel like Becky with the good hair. As a long-time fan of the brand, I'll definitely continue to use it.

Have you tried the Kérastase hair products before? Tell us in the comments section below.

Shop Kérastase's Première Intensive Repairing Concentrate and the rest of the Première collection online. 

Feature Image: Kérastase/Mamamia.

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