Kendall Jenner went topless. But that's not exactly why we're talking about it.

Kendall Jenner appears topless in a new spread with LOVE Magazine. But it just seems…not..right.

She’s not the only member of the Kardashian family who appeared naked in front of the camera this week, but she’s the only one everyone’s talking about. (Sorry Kim).

Kendall Jenner, up-and-coming model, friend of ratbag Justin Bieber, and the second youngest member of the Kardashian family, has posed topless for a spread in LOVE Magazine.

But her nakedness isn’t what shocked us.

It’s the very definite enhancement of a certain area of her body that made everyone sit up immediately and speculate.

Take a look for yourself:

Now, we feel like we’ve almost grown up watching Kendall Jenner go from an awkward-looking ten-year-old to what she is now, thanks to countless reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And along the way, we’ve become very familiar with what her (and the rest of the family’s) body looks like. But it doesn’t usually look like this.

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Here’s a more recent photo of her non-enhanced chest:

kendall boobs
Kendall, at the end of 2014. Chest incredibly smaller than pictured in LOVE Magazine. Image via Getty/Pascal Le Segretain.

And here’s the rest of her LOVE Magazine spread:

Is it just a joke?  Image via Instagram/MaramKardashian.

ENHANCED. And oh, so obviously.

It’s hard to say what LOVE Magazine were thinking. Maybe this is a gag? In which case, good job because we’re all talking about it. But if they’re trying to be taken seriously, they might need to find a photo editor who is prepared to step away from the bicycle pump….

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