FLUFF: The most revealing dress ever seen on a Kardashian family member.


Kendall Jenner is wearing a dress. And when we say ‘wearing,’ we mean balancing fabric delicately on her hip bones.

She’s either praying for a breeze-free afternoon on the red carpet with her sister Kylie (who, you’ll notice, has all-black hair now without the bright blue strip).

Or she’s looking out for her mother Kris Jenner, who is crouching low on the red carpet with a wind machine or an industrial sized fan – because if this dress floats up, Iggy Azalea style, we know it’ll mean more publicity.

Seriously. Have you ever seen slits this this?

And from several other angles….

(photos via Kendall Jenner Instagram)

The caption on that last photo was this little accidental double entendre: “Why do one split when you can do two?”

Oh, sweetheart. Didn’t think that one through.

While we’re on the subject of the Jenner girls, click through for some of their craziest and loveliest looks:

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