The sneaky prank that showed Kim Kardashian's true colours.

If your much younger sister called you in an emotional quandary to confide in you that she was pregnant, what would you do?

If you’re Kim Kardashian, you begin immediately talking about yourself and your struggles and how goddamn tired you are.

This is what happened when Kendall Jenner, 20, called her sister as part of a hilarious prank for yet another new show, Kocktails with Khloe.

“Oh god, what now?” is Kardashian’s response to Jenner telling her she has a problem.

“I was coming to you for support,” Jenner tells her sister after telling her she’s up the duff.

The pranksters.

“I mean, I don’t even know. Like, I’m not the one to talk to. Because I have like the worst like experience and I’m so fresh off of like the worst birthing experience?” she said, her voice rising at the end of her sentences questioningly.

“Today is not the day cos literally I would be a little more negative because I’m on like one hour of sleep cos North was up all night and I was feeding him [I assume she’s referring to baby Saint and not Kanye here] every two seconds.

Literally, my day has been like so crazy and I’ve have no sleep and I wanna like die? So today is — I feel like, oh my god, it’s so hard, you know..”

The sisterly concern Kardashian shows is truly touching.

“Stop — are you crying? Kendall!” she says, sounding kind of disgusted.

She didn’t even ask who the father was, or how Kendall was feeling, or if she’s sure she’s preggers.

Suits her. Kendall Jenner with a nephew. Image via Instagram.

Kardashian then offers to come over with her “30 kids” (two) and let Jenner babysit so she can see how she feels. Helpful!

I get that new mothers are in a world of pain, but woah. This is some next level self-involvement. Am I right here, or is Kardashian’s complete lack of interest in her sister’s predicament just symptomatic of a really frazzled and exhaused mind?

Either way, Kendall, honey, if you do ever encounter a situation like this, maybe call one of your other sisters.

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