Don't panic, but Kendall Jenner's Instagram just disappeared.

If you thought 2016 couldn’t possibly get any worse, think again.

That’s an exaggeration, of course — plenty of amazing, happy things have happened this year and they should well and truly be celebrated.

But that doesn’t mean celebrity fans (i.e. ME) aren’t TOTALLY FREAKING OUT after discovering Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account has just… well, it’s just completely disappeared off the face of the Earth.


(Or vanished from The Cloud? Not sure where Instagram lives, exactly).

Kendall’s profile on the photo-sharing platform is no longer showing up, leaving her 68.8 million followers without anything to double-tap on (or scroll past, let’s be honest).

To say they are confused is quite the understatement:


While the 21-year-old’s Twitter profile is still up and running (phew), the model has offered no explanation as to why her Instagram has been shut down.

‘The Disappearance’ (as it shall now be known) comes just weeks after her older sister Kim Kardashian was robbed in a Paris apartment during Fashion Week.

Perhaps the whole Kardashian Klan just wants to take a step back from the spotlight?