Kendall Jenner tried to ban Caitlyn Jenner from her Victoria's Secret show.

Kendall Jenner made her debut on the Victoria’s Secret runway late last year, fulfilling a childhood dream. Which is weird, right? As a little girl, she wanted to strut down a runway in a jewelled bra? I just wanted to be able to fly and own a Hawaiian Barbie.

Nevertheless, Kendall, 20, achieved her goal of walking in underwear, and was adamant that her family not attend the event, lest it turned into Kardashipalooza.

The majority of her family respected Kendall’s wishes and stayed away, but one just couldn’t help herself: Caitlyn Jenner.

Kendall appeared the consummate model on the runway, but now that Keeping Up With the Kardashians documenting (!) that period of time has aired, we know beneath her vacant expression seethed the fury of a thousand suns.

Kendall Jenner at the Victoria’s Secret show. Image via Instagram.

Before the show, Kendall talked to Caitlyn on the phone.

“Hi dad. I’m very mad at you about something,” she informed her. “Did you publicly like, did you have your publicist announce that you were going [to the show]?

“Because I don’t know how everyone knows and now it’s a huge story and now I’m actually really pissed at you. You’re going to take the biggest night of my life and take it away from me? Thank you! No you can’t! You can come to the fucking after party! You can’t come!”

This isn’t an argument I’ve ever had to have with my dad, but to be fair, he’d try and get an invite to the after-party too.

“I hope you’re not doing this for your own good ass attention,” Kendall told her dad. “You’re welcome to come if you don’t fucking say anything and you walk in the back door.”


Watch Kendall forbidding Caitlyn from coming to her lingerie show… Post continues after video.

“It’s just beyond annoying because I asked everyone not to come and of course you’re begging me to come and making me feel like shit and you know I’m a pushover so you know I’m going to… I understand there’s a million fucking shows!”


Kendall really has a mouth on her.

She explained to the cameras that the show was important to her because she’d got the job on her own merit and not through nepotism (only she didn’t use that word).

“A lot of people assume that I get jobs from my family but actually it’s kind of opposite and it made me work even harder to get what I wanted. I get scared that if my dad goes it will be a media frenzy and now it’s all kind of blowing up.”

Well, Caitlyn did go to the show, and so did her mum Kris Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner at the Victoria's Secret show.
Caitlyn and Kris Jenner at the Victoria’s Secret Show. Image via Getty.

Parents, amirite?

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