An unearthed Kylie Jenner interview shows the truth behind Kendall Jenner's acne cure. 

Well, well, well.

It looks like someone has turned the heat right down on the latest Kendall Jenner scandal to a slow, hot simmer, because the plot has thickened.

It all started earlier this week when a “raw, emotional story” involving one of Kendall’s deepest “vulnerabilities”, sensationally promised by Kris Jenner of course, turned out to be a bloody Proactiv ad campaign announcement.


Yes. Her “brave announcement” was a multi-million dollar advertising deal, and her “raw story” was that she has suffered from a fairly common skin condition.

And, ultimately, the blatant marketing ploy was proven to be as tone-deaf as ever.

The people wanted their money back.

But while the dust should be just about settled by now, for Kendall’s sake, someone with a lot of time on their hands has gone and kicked up some more via an old interview of Kylie Jenner’s which proves Kendall’s acne potentially wasn’t even cleared by Proactiv.


So not only was the “raw, emotional story” the anti-climax of the year thus far, Kendall’s claims that Proactiv ~changed her life~ could well be a load of codswallop.

In a New York Times interview a few years ago, little sis Kylie shared details of Kendall’s acne-fighting regimen – crediting family dermatologist Christie Kidd, not Proactiv, for battling Kendall’s breakouts.


“We have a family dermatologist, Christie Kidd in Beverly Hills. My sister Kendall had really bad acne when she was younger, and she really cleared it up. I thought, ‘Well if she cured Kendall, I should start to visit her,’” Kylie told the publication at the time.

As reported by Perez Hilton, Kendall herself shared details of her long battle with acne on her very own app back in 2015, failing to mention Proactiv, instead crediting her “incredible dermatologist”, who we can assume is Dr Kidd.

This is all a far cry from her Proactiv testimonial, where she gushes: “For me, I can honestly say, that the magic was Proactiv”.

Was it though, Kendall?


Buzzfeed obtained a statement from a family spokesperson that claimed Kendall said “cleared” and not “cured” when referring to the Proactiv skin products.

… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

*Sigh*, all these twists have made us very tired.