Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford has lost custody of her two kids.


Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford has been dealing with a devastating blow after losing custody of her two children.

After a bitter six-year legal battle, a judge in Monaco has granted full custody to her German ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, 41.

The actress has been embroiled in a six-year-battle.

It means Rutherford, 47, can never take her kids Hermes, 9, and Helena, 6, into the US.

Instead, she will only be permitted to visit them within France and Monaco.

Rutherford, who played as Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl alongside Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, will be paid around $3,281 per month in maintenance.

The judge ordered that the former couple must make joint decisions regarding their children‘s “health, schooling, religious education and any change of residence”.

Their divorce was finalised in 2009, while Rutherford was still pregnant with her daughter.

Kelly and daughter Helena.

Since then, the actress has been forced to file for bankruptcy thanks to her hefty legal bills.

Earlier this year, Rutherford told Vanity Fair that divorce was “a total racket”.

“… let’s call it what it is. Everyone’s making tons of money off of stupid people who don’t settle out of court… And for somebody like my ex-husband, [who has] unlimited funds, who sued Google, this is just a sort of side fun project,” she said.

kelly rutherford loses custody
Rutherford is now planning to appeal the decision. (Image via Getty Images)

The kids will now have to split their holiday time between their warring parents, although they will live with their dad.

Rutherford is now planning to appeal the decision.

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