Kelly Osbourne thinks Alex Perry is a d*ckhead.

We can’t wait to watch this.

It seems like the most controversial thing about the new season of Australia’s Next Top Model won’t have anything to do with the models, but with the guest judges.

Season nine, set to return soon to Fox 8 after an extended absence following the death of judge Charlotte Dawson in 2014, is using a variety of famous “fashion people” to guest judge the models as they compete for the top prize of being considered a D-list Australian celebrity.

Australia’s Next Top Model judges Didier Cohen, Jennifer Hawkins, Cheyenne Tozzi and Alex Perry. Image via Facebook.

One of the guest judges this season is Kelly Osbourne. The 30-year-old former Fashion Police host came to Australia to film the show, and got into a bit of a spat with serial sun-glass wearer/fashion designer Alex Perry. Perry, who is used to sparring with his fellow judges, got a bit excited when Osbourne proceeded to fight with him.

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“She called me a dickhead, which I wasn’t expecting, and I’m thinking hang on, can you say that on this show?” Perry told AAP.

“I pushed her buttons and she snapped back and I loved it. She can be my new British punching bag.”

““She called me a dickhead, which I wasn’t expecting.” Kelly Osbourne had some less-than-nice things to say about Alex Perry. Images via Getty.

Knowing what strong personalities both Osbourne and Perry are, we’re a little bit excited to watch them clash on TV.

Australia’s Next Top Model returns with a new season on Thursday, April 30 at 7.30pm on Fox 8.

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