"I know about Erin": Kelly Landry reads bitter texts sent to Anthony Bell in court.

Kelly Landry confronted her husband about his relationship with NRL Footy Show host Erin Molan the night their marriage ended, a court has heard.

“I know about Erin,” Ms Landry said in a text message to Anthony Bell. “Just saw her run to you.”

The message, sent after Mr Bell won the Sydney to Hobart yacht race on December 28, was read in the NSW District Court on Tuesday during a hearing about an apprehended violence order application against him.

Ms Landry, a former model and Getaway presenter, told the court she suspected something was going on between her husband and Ms Molan, but that it wasn’t necessarily infidelity.

“I thought their relationship was odd,” she said.

In his response to Ms Landry’s text message, Mr Bell, a celebrity accountant and champion skipper, said he was “not wearing that”.

He said he would tell Ms Molan about Ms Landry’s accusations because they were not fair to Ms Molan or Mr Bell.

The hearing continues.