Police have issued Anthony Bell with an AVO to protect his wife Kelly Landry.

Following an alleged altercation with his television presenter wife, Kelly Landry, 2016 Sydney to Hobart winner Anthony Bell has been served with an interim apprehended violence order (AVO) that bans him from stalking, threatening and approaching his wife after drinking or taking illicit substances.

According to police reports, the Sydney-based pair, who were married in 2011 and have two young children together, were allegedly involved in an incident on November 18, which is said to have involved Landry being pushed by her husband.

Landry reported to the police and following an investigation, the AVO was served on January 5.

kelly landry anthony bell
Kelly Landry, Anthony Bell and their two daughters, Charlize and Thea. Source: Getty.

Bell won the 2016 Sydney to Hobart approximately six weeks later, on his yacht, Perpetual Loyal.

The AVO bans the accountant and yachtsman from being in Landry's presence within 12 hours of drinking or taking illicit drugs.

Following news of the AVO, Bell issued a statement to his high-profile clients (who include former cricketer Michael Clarke and Today's Karl Stefanovic) saying, "By now you may have seen a most distressing piece of news about my family involving some allegations my wife has made about me. There is an allegation that I pushed her in November. I did not push her.

kelly landry anthony bell
Bell, hours after winning the 2016 Sydney to Hobart race. Source: Getty.

"There is an allegation I spoke loudly and embarrassed her in front of friends. It did not happen. I deny the allegations and will defend myself in court," Bell continued.

"I abhor all violence and I am faithful to my family. It is unimaginable to me that I could ever touch a woman in anger.

"I have never taken a drug, been in any way disrespectful to people. I lead a quiet family life and try to be the best parent and husband that circumstances permit.

kelly landry anthony bell
Bell and Landry celebrating, moments after Bell won the 2016 Sydney to Hobart race. Source: Getty.

"While this is a private matter that Kelly and I are committed to resolving, I feel that I that I should note my distress over what has happened publicly. However, the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of my wife and daughters are all I care about."

Landry, a former Getaway presenter, is yet to comment publicly on the AVO. It is understood that the mother-of-two checked into a Byron Bay retreat days after the alleged incident occurred.

The matter is set to return to Waverley Local Court on Thursday 12 January.