Audio of a 'fight' between Kelly Landry and Anthony Bell has been heard in court.

Kelly Landry has locked herself in a room during a heated argument at her eastern suburbs home and she’s asking her husband not to pry the door open with a knife.

“You’re carrying on, Anthony, you’re acting psycho,” she says in an audio recording played in the NSW District Court on Monday.

“Something has flipped in your head tonight and it’s scary,” she says later.

The phone recording purportedly captures part of an alleged incident at the centre of an apprehended violence application against Anthony Bell, the champion skipper and celebrity accountant.

Mr Bell is heard saying his wife is “illegally” recording the fight and he fears she’s trying to set him up

“I’m so scared of you Kel because you’ve done this before”, he says and after more words, movement is heard and a woman yells “Ow”.

The recording from November 18 last year was one of three played for magistrate Robert Williams, who is considering an AVO application against Mr Bell in a hearing expected to last five days.

Ms Landry told the court she was yelling in pain at the end of the recording because her arm had connected with a wall, and photos taken by Ms Landry and her GP and tendered in court allegedly show bruises on her right arm.


The former television presenter alleged Mr Bell was also violent during an argument four-and-a-half years earlier, grabbing her by her neck and throwing her on their bed.

But when police showed up at their home the following morning, Ms Landry lied and said she had fallen, she said.

“I was trying to protect my husband,” she said.

Ms Landry said the incidents in her police statements were “a drop in the ocean”, with Mr Bell continuing to abuse, intimidate and harass her.

“I fear that he feels that he’s above everything, and above the law,” she said.

Under questioning by defence barrister Ian Temby QC, Ms Landry said she had been drinking alcohol before both of the alleged incidents, and had two or three drinks.

She agreed that Mr Bell left their Watson’s Bay home of his own volition when they separated on December 28, before she went to police in January to discuss her options.

She agreed that she didn’t realise police could issue an AVO on her behalf and when they did, it was against her wishes at the time.

The hearing continues.