Kelly Clarkson accused of "child abuse" over her two-year-old's snack.

When Kelly Clarkson posted a sweet video of her two-year-old daughter eating some tasty toast she probably didn’t expect to be accused of child abuse.

The US singer had given her daughter River Rose a taste of Nutella for the first time and posted an adorable clip of her reaction to Instagram on Sunday.

“River’s first Nutella experience. It should have been via crepe but toast was easier #nutellagoodness #australiagoodness,” Clarkson captioned the video.

Confusing hashtags aside (Nutella is not an Australian product, but the misconception is an easy one to make – we do eat enough of it?), it was a sweet video. However, it wasn’t long before the parent-shaming trolls came out in force.


“Nutella is hella bad for you,” one commenter wrote.

“Stop eating Nutella,” another said.

While another chided the star, telling her “Nutella is PACKED with sugars… don’t make your kids blow up.”

One commenter, who quite possibly has mistaken the chocolatey spread for poison, even wrote: “Giving food like this to a child is child abuse.”


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Little River doing a happy dance after her first bite wasn’t enough to stop some parents from going nuts (pardon the pun). While others were far more supportive, pointing out that Nutella is a treat enjoyed by kids everywhere and not a sign of bad parenting.

One commenter summed it up best with this: “It’s NUTELLA for God’s sake! MODERATION people! I’m sure she doesn’t feed it to her morning, noon and night! Get your heads out of your asses! She can feed her child whatever she wants! You’re nailing this mom thing @kellyclarkson.”

Our thoughts exactly.

Do you feed your children Nutella?