The funniest reactions to Fiji Water Girl, the accidental viral star of the Golden Globes.

Each year, we’ve learned to expect a few things from the Golden Globes, especially from the red carpet.

See, it’s all quite stock standard. The dazzling outfits, the interviews about said outfits, the strutting, the pouting, the hands on hips while strutting and pouting, etc. etc.

But the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet had something very different in store for us, all thanks to the Fiji Water Girl. Aka, the girl who walked around the red carpet alongside A-list celebrities, offering “the Earth’s finest water” to the those who required it.

Her name is actually Kelleth Cuthbert, but for the purposes of today, we shall refer to her only as Fiji Water Girl.


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Not the worst way to spend a Sunday… #goldenglobesfijigirl #fijiwatergirl

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Fiji Water Girl is beautiful, already Instagram famous with over 55,000 followers, and is now probably the very first meme of 2019. Some would call her a success, some would say otherwise, but nonetheless, there must be something in the (Fiji) water.


So, why is this particular water girl, who was in fact accompanied by other almost identical water girls, now trending on Twitter? Well, because she worked the camera better than anyone else, celebrities included.

Somehow, Fiji Water Girl ended up lurking in the background of countless red carpet photos while simultaneously holding bottles of Fiji Water on a tray.

And now, the internet has created memes. Many, many memes.



Fiji Water even joined in on the laughs.

Frankly, we think Fiji Water Girl should get some sort of commission for pulling off the greatest product placement of all time.